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small screen. wgn news @ 9 hot day today and you almost did not want to ask about later this week we will tell you anyway, good evening top story all around the country jae miller at north avenue beach >> in theory you would think so we did not hear complaints from people does not mean not dangerous health officials today warning people to take heed of those warnings >> summer in chicago today felt more like summer in miami four
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get tropical down right on comfortable very hot, very hot i did not have air-conditioning here at north avenue beach if you are not in the water you were faking today second day of extreme heat with highs in a round the city in the mid 90's, the heat index feels more like 105. it is hot. it is very hot that is for sure. tonight's a cubs game against the phillies was a scorcher did not keep fans away many runners out extra early this morning temperatures overnight already at 85 degrees. not going to get any cooler sell knocked it out now is going to get worse the rest of the week. that is. today the of emergency room at northwestern hospital side increase in patients probably the most
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common we are seeing is lightheadedness people passing out it is very comment all ages. >> a day and the hot sun and not seem so bad >> on a bicycle if feels great >> health officials warned with temperatures like these a day outdoors without proper precautions can turn dangerous quickly >> increased fatigue shortness of breath feeling weak headaches and nausea any of the symptoms just stop >> as of 7:00 this evening the city responded to 45 calls 45 requests for well-being requests you can call 311 to request a well being checked or find out about one of the city six cooling centers >> it week to check on your neighbors, how long will we have to go through it tom skilling in the weather center feels like 104 degrees at this hour and
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high today of 93 degrees at midway airport making it the second day in a row we have eight more of these to go continuing through the coming weekend making it the hottest hot streak in chicago the longest spell of 90 degree high temperatures since 1988, these are all he advisories a thunderstorm watch to the north watching powerful thunderstorms but look at the area reaching all of the way today and despite the hours still in the mid '80s at o'hare but '90s and hundreds continue at this hour in oklahoma. a live tonight a hot dome of air at our house thunderstorms located around that a group of thunderstorms out of wisconsin right now look at some of the high temperatures today, 95 degrees at lincoln
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park other high temperatures across the metropolitan area, 88 degrees tonight at o'hare field midway is warm as well as to get the storms are towering above wisconsin there have been damaging thunderstorm wind southbound they may come through tonight not going to break the key toheat wednesday and thursday temperatures flirting with 100. >> chicago west not the only ones suffering in the key to skyrocketing temperatures making people miserable from texas to minnesota reporting cattle need to be sold because grass will not grow in minnesota at 27 degrees of 100 or over 27 days in a row, one man fried egg on the dashboard of his vehicle, minnesota twins fans did whatever they could to stay
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cool in all there are about 40 states suffering from extreme heat and humidity. we want to know. how you are coping with the heat. north carolina man in a virginia jail charged with the death of bay honors graduate, talking with the grandmother who raised the 18 year-old >> could not talk about the investigation today it was clear the grandmother who raised her orphaned at granddaughter from a long age was proud of the young woman she had become even as questions continue tonight >> she was a shining star making it to the top >> heartbreak for sandy joyce is unmeasurable unthinkable that danielle dennis-towne the granddaughter that she raised is now gone. >> she was kind beautiful girl everybody loved her she had many many friends she liked to ride
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horses swam and play soccer constantly always playing softball >> danielle dennis-towne on a trip to north carolina outer banks with childhood friend 19 year-old enrico luciano mascaro enrico luciano mascaroluciano family reported both teenagers missing on friday with the nationwide alert issued after a crime scene found by police in nearby kitty hawk north carolina >> they found evidence at the crime scene >> using cell towers enrico luciano mascaro 1996 ford mustang found more than 300 mi. away in a parking lot in clifton forge va. danielle dennis-towne body found in the truck. enrico luciano mascaro taken into custody and now faces homicide and fugitive from justice charges, while an autopsy is performed in virginia. south suburban steger, danielle dennis-towne family grappling with sudden death of their
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shining star a recent honors graduate of high-school in chicago heights and commanding officer of her naval junior rotc program. preparing to go to the been college in wisconsin this fall dreamed of becoming a civil engineer >> i am very proud of for she is my shining star life cut short >> medical examiner in virginia still has not confirmed that the body was found in the truck is that of danielle dennis-towne though it was confirmed by relatives today. enrico luciano mascaro of rain that will be tomorrow extradited to north carolina is expected >> they died of head trauma that is what officials say about the two experienced sailors were killed when their boat capsized during the race to mackinac the boat wing nuts overturned after midnight yesterday when a fast- moving storm hit northern michigan eight people were thrown into the water near fox island the deceased 51 year old
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mark morley and 41 year-old suzanna bickel 2 people were rescued. six people were rescued including two teenagers >> powerboaters usually sell boaters are much more cautious terrible to have that terrible >> chicago mackinac race covers 330 mi. from just off navy pier to mackinac island in michigan one of the oldest annual freshwater race is in the world first deaths by accident in the race's 103 year history >> jackpot attendance at the area's newest casino and why police wanted people to stay away from today's grand opening and hacking scandal involving rupert murdoch company takes a strange turn
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me there were lines not too long ago looking this direction where the cars are literally bumper- to-bumper take a look behind me 6:00 p.m. the number is interesting 18,000 people passing through the turnstiles casino had already paid out $14 million, numbers adding up to one thing. the mayor was all smiles today 8 ribbon cutting with hollywood celebrities jim belushi and applied to people outside waiting along time to see the new rivers casino come to fruition >> no expenses bared we feel is the best casino in the state of illinois >> close to 20,000 people cleared the front doors today meeting plenty of parking at people trying to get in on a hot steamy monday that the people cannot wait to get in a lot of people they are going to do
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pretty well >> indiana michigan and elsewhere why can we not spend our money and illinois? >> would-be gamblers waiting to get inside frustrated when the casino could maximum capacity in the middle of the day but only for a while outside the casino workers passed out more than 12,000 bottles of water to those who waited security allowing for all the 3000 patrons in at a time in the streets the backup was clear police sweating it out as they try to keep drivers,. we did) a brief period of time but some people started to leave pretty steady stream of people coming in working ok for us >> obviously traffic will be a problem >> not a problem if you run the place is if you build dead and they do not, that the real problem arises >> somehow they logger weight than others but we have been able to have everyone else come
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and and people just need to be patient >> it took years to get this particular game licence issued settled today's opening renews the debate over whether chicago should have its own casino it is up to the city mayor we will have one >> private haulers competing with city workers for recycling jobs city hall signing two private operators to expand curbside recycling wicker park box down and logan square, right now too much of 40,000 t have that at a cost of nearly $14 million private operators say they can do it for half, city workers will cover two while they will handle four city service areas the mayor will review which is the most cost- effective we want to hear from you do you think privatizing city services will make them better? text yes or no to 97999 or this thursday
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chicago city council aviation committee will look at the mayor's recommendation put a big money contract at o'hare. mayor emmanuel followed a panel's recommendation to tap westfield the mall company to retool the concessions at international terminal 5. aviation committee will debate today the company poised to lose the contract chicago aviation partners made a last ditch public push represented by former cook county state's attorney and assistant proposal will not only double the money the city will get but write off of the bat had in chicago $10 billion up front as a guarantee today the chicago aviation department shot back saying for two decades lost the city money and said the proposal is pie in the sky >> deadline countdown less than two weeks to go and no deal in sight what the president and congress doing to move closer to a compromise over the debt ceiling and turning the tables what one woman did to a agent that got her arrested.
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check out the kmart back to campus sale. get this coexist by cannon complete room, just 39.99, any size! cannon bath towels are now only 3.99. and all casual and dorm furniture is on sale - including this manhattan futon, just 99.99. there's smart, and there's kmart smart. this week republicans parent a series of votes president obama once he will veto the so-called cup cap and balance bills but still believes a deal is possible before the united states runs out of money to pay bills next month top illinois lawmakers about the chances of it passing >> i am optimistic >> republicans in washington planning to vote on a proposal by tea party members raising the debt ceiling requiring 2.4 trillion dollars with the cap remained at 18 percent of the
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united states grows at the national product and requiring a balanced budget, new lawmakers do not quite understand how the system functions >> we have a lot of new members 87 that have come at many of them are of the tea party and i believe that they need some education and how this works >> senator mark kirk says lawmakers already looking at changing the constitution by forcing washington insiders into fiscal restraint >> main stumbling block amendment to the constitution should be passed good idea when first proposed with founding fathers thinking about putting together a country >> senator dick dirubin says it could take years may be months before pushing such an amendment should not be popping over raising the debt ceiling republicans that have done it before >> more than any president ronald reagan 18 times when he tripled the national debt under his administration second is
9:20 pm
president george w. bush who extended the debt ceiling seven times when we doubled the national debt in his eight years >> the senator says as we get closer to the end of the week if a compromise is near also said by waiting too long we've risked having the wall street agencies or the braves ahead of time >> one of the first voices to blow the whistle on the british tabloid phone hacking scandal is dead on the eve of rupert murdoch day of reckoning to parliament police found former news of the world reporter sean hoare body in his home in london shooting death as unexplained but not suspicious, editor encouraged crime packagephone hacking, tomorrow publisher rupert murdoch's sun and former lieutenant now under arrest at sort to a parliament committee
9:21 pm
and this just in bloomberg news reports news corp. considering elevating another executive to succeed murdoch as ceo >> rock group cheap trick cannot believe that members are alive amateur video showing stage 60 mi. per hour wind blowing to the area can add the blues' best in ottawa bad tossed airborne life- threatening injury stage was a maze of tangled metal girders coming up the kids may be safer with grandma and grandpa behind the wheel in new study safest drivers and family and now betty white bided to escort a marine to the military ball will she go?
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the main hatch connecting atlantis space shuttle to international space station closed for the final time two crews said their goodbyes in a ceremony this morning sent black and 30 years ago first space shuttle mission leaving tuesday scheduled to land thursday at the space center kennedy space center and big u.s. shuttle program >> stories tomorrows dropping and cps stat of the northeast side wanted to stay in the city not spending money on private schools given neighborhoods chance to shine pricing for com ed competitors apparently did not make a swift decision rates
9:26 pm
reward programs and termination fees make the obvious answer a whole lot of this dark side of smart phone applications hacking text messages or fake identification with access realistic looking licenses' for all 50 states read all about it in tomorrow's tribune >> dalai lama sellout at harris teeter seconded today's the assaultphilosophical spiritual leader joined by other leaders today's message was although religions may differ in their approach to spirituality they all serve the same purpose >> hot and muggy not expected to get better anytime soon tom skilling forecast coming up next.
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capri sun 100% juice. good choice. launch me fellas. [ male announcer ] ooh, bad choice. capri sun 100% juice. wgn news @ 9 it may be hot year but it is worse other places, our friends in wichita falls taxes have been in this air mass for 53 days 53 hundreds 26 of the past 26 days and we to put it over 100 degrees. another thing we have going tonight a dust storm again
9:30 pm
in arizona, look at the dust falling towards the phoenix area another dust storm and that area so talk about the peculiar weather across the united states, summerlike heat to be sure, there were 43 states with 90 degree temperatures today we had a debris cloudiness with thunderstorms holding the southwest suburbs cooler than a northwest suburbs wisconsin hit 96 today perennial cool spot people in the southwest suburbs we will show you only made it to the upper 80s. look at the depth and breadth of this 90 degree air mass the keep expanding into canada eastward into new york where it was 95 degrees today 43 states in the weather offices with temperatures 90 degrees or higher. current temperatures when you factor and the humidity look at the heat index at this hour of the night feeling like 101 degrees and
9:31 pm
waukegan across the midwest here is the united states picture at this hour, 9:00 at night 90 in minneapolis with the heat index 102 degrees and madison. there is a lot of warm air we have thunderstorms developing to the north storm prediction center putting out a discussion that may have a watch issued for parts of northeast of illinois area and the next few hours, wind southeast humidity 74% at this hour and the dew point muggy and amazon river valley 87 degrees, midway airports almost the entire center of the country a sea of pink and orange indicating he'd
9:32 pm
advisories'. with thunderstorm watch is in fact you can see southern wisconsin perhaps northern illinois, a big hot air don't ring of fire pattern going storm clusters be one that created the tragedy on northern lake michigan storm rolled through there with 60 mi. per hour wind and instantaneous waves of 4-6 p in that area in a real mess. tonight storms developing just up to the north and west. pulsing in intensity developing flares produce and lightning and fading away. this cluster shelling some strength in the last few hours the last few minutes lost lightning but the storms make clear again this atmosphere loaded with energy can explode at any time. kind of moisture we had this is where a severe weather reports came in
9:33 pm
this morning for hail and damaging wind here is the reason but he started thisfor the storminess, blazing air @smass with a jet stream on its periphery, wednesday thursday pushing the jet stream with organized by the storms out of fear, while there is a threat of severe weather in the area we are showing you, looks like the chances for storms decrease in as we get to wednesday and thursday at the increasing again in the app preventafternoon, temperatures approaching 100 but the first time in almost six years. we could have eight to 90 degrees or higher days in a row, the most at o'hare field since 2005. at midway airport the most what additional 90 degree day 9 and a row at midway airport the most
9:34 pm
since 1988. addley hot air. so many of us remember. here is the forecast: 8 front sagging through the area if there were we predict: tomorrow it will produce a lake breese as the gradient picks up as indicated by these coming back in the wind will pick up strongly enough to overcome late cooling on wednesday and thursday so these people go up to the lakefront and then in place much the rest of the week these are predicted heat index is tomorrow in the '90s and the city hundreds pushed farther west by the lake breeze look at what happens during the day on wednesday 100 degrees entire key index across the metro area and farther into the future thursday off of the in house model all in all hopped pattern setting up at last the two sundays with relief expected but early next week,
9:35 pm
tonight clouds building a period of gusty possible severe thunderstorms in current spots partly cloudy and humid late- night low temperature of 74 degrees. the wind to variable and gusty in and around thunderstorms tomorrow, and humidity along the lakefront relief 91 degrees in lead and 87 at the beaches of very warm and very humid if you may drift in a letter tomorrow low 80s in the city and tomorrow intense humidity high temperatures going up about 98 degrees hot stuff >> after several days it gets more dangerous air quality issues by the thunderstorms
9:36 pm
keep reminding people keep the pats on the cars also >> all my goodness yes absolutely getting physical a woman takes on a tsa agent and gets slapped with criminal charges and does size matter when it comes to marriage how your spouse's weight may determine how successful the marriage is and baseball so good tonight worth a trip nice victory for the white sox and later in kansas city tonight may be the upset of the baseball season at wrigley field tonight the cubs and phillies all of the baseball and the latest on the nfl getting closer
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thinking up fax no cure science is hopeful early detection can help. driving with grandparents could keep children safe for and a car crash researchers at the university of pennsylvania looking at accident rates of only about one in 15 kids injured in crashes when grandparents driving about half as many injuries as children in cars with parents however city also found grandparents less likely to use proper child restraints the study will be published an august issue of journal of pediatrics advise on achieving a happy marriage getting on a scale of marriage works better when a man is heftier than his wife latest issue of social psychological and personality science has been higher body mass index ratio of height to weight than whites husbands more satisfied couples more content long term even when stressors like finances and depression factor dead weight played a bigger role in marriage satisfaction. doctors say the study says when
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it did not need to be super thin but better than spouses all relative when it comes to love >> must be coming up getting back in the game charlie sheen snags a starring role in another sitcom and later in sports white sox leadoff man making things happen again socks taken a series opener in kansas city. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost done, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve because it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right.
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wgn news @ 9 colorado woman facing felony charges after she groped a tsa agent, police say 61 year-old yukari mihamae refuse to go through it mandatory screening at phoenix airport began arguing with the agent began to grab one of the agent's breasts >> very painful pretty bad sheet should be prosecuted >> police say yukari mihamae admitted to grabbing the agent and it faces a felony count of sexual abuse may have to register as a sex offender if convicted >> charlie sheen back to work close to a new television big new sitcom aptly named anchor management the series loosely based on a 2003 adam sandler- jack nicholson movie set to have a significant ownership stake produced by joe ross so produced
9:45 pm
the movie and worked on charlie sheen on movie's major league young guns and management the series yet to make a deal with the network >> betty white will not join other stars at the marine corps ball you to the videos unsuccessfully convincing her successful convincingjustin timberlake and mila kunis white declined invitation with sergeant lewis white issued a statement saying she's flattered loves men in uniform but taping show hot in cleveland that day. >> hot in chicago today and tomorrow how about the next seven days? >> absolutely this could be the longest string of 90 + days here in six years at midway airport may be since 1988 where there will be nine consecutive nineties at midway they started out on the south side with and
9:46 pm
90 + temperature on saturday these are current temperatures across the metro area we still have triple digits each index is in northern and western suburbs here is what these temperatures will do tomorrow going back into the '90s you can see how limited the cooling will be lake breezes taking waukegan into the 80s but as we jump ahead into tomorrow night lows on late in the '70s staying in the '80s in the city jumping at least into the mid nineties we believe these numbers may be conservative they are the numbers on thursday it would not surprise us at all to see some spots are around 100 taking the box down in southern wisconsin no move by the storm prediction center these things are fizzling however that have been doing that brought the afternoon fading blowing up one moment they think the next if you are wondering when this may break may offer a clue 810 day forecast of the hot air really
9:47 pm
taken hold wednesday and thursday should be the peak of this heatwave said he continues beyond that into friday with scattered thunderstorms producing afternoon outflow boundaries that can moderate the key to more than a wednesday or thursday the senate on saturday but look at what happens next week hot dome records to west, sharp northwest blow coming in decidedly cooler and less humidity stay tuned on that and it will feel pretty good a break after these temperatures and 91 tomorrow mid '80s at the beaches 98 on wednesday in oakland at the beach or on thursday, 94 on thursday with scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon same thing on saturday or sunday you can see a temperature of around 90 in many areas but down to the mid '80s by the time we get to monday sell right on schedule exactly the time of the year with the hot spells happen have not had one this long been a number of years is all it is on us now absolutely >> chicago trying to stay cool
9:48 pm
getting inspiration from the dalai lama and remembering a fallen officer today chicago tribune photos of the day: michael bailey ceremony, shot and killed one year ago today. dalai lama. if you think 10th license to open rivers casino tough try getting ehrehere today. hot very hot do not have air conditioning >> much nicer to be at the pool that at the beach or shoveling snow >>more photos and
9:49 pm coming on paper it looked like a big mismatch rodrigo lopez against roy halladay but the chicago cubs showing what they did not play games on paper at big match against manchester united sports is next.
9:50 pm
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whoa. right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] hey! there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. indescribably good. nice cool night for baseball fantastic super especially kansas city it was good for the sox not a masterpiece from mark buehlre but another quality start and a good night for the nine game road trip just came from kauffman stadium took two out of three good start tonight already 1-nothing in the third paul konerko smashes one towards the gap alexei ramirez scored
9:53 pm
anyway 2-0 lead, only five hits and a couple of runs great defense right behind them by gordon beckham at second base, only kicked up came in the fifth inning and elite butler trouble first pitch double second of the game scored a run and tied the game 2-2. stocks came right back with two runs in their half of the sixth inning juan pierre base hit to center, j p haters quiet now sox win 5-2. meantime roasting in wrigley phillies in town roy halladay on mound cubs not scared, aramis ramirez 17th one- nothing down 3-1 in 5th, roy halladay heat got to him, rodrigo lopez big k only
9:54 pm
one run. 7th milestone shot for pena 20th of year, 250th of career cubs beat phillies 6-1. two wins seem to be headed to the medal in the nfl talks may be and 10 days or so keeping players on the field in training camp instead of lawyers walking across the street talking about rolling two remaining outstanding court cases into an overall agreement might just do that not quite over yet both sides would like to remain patient until they sign the deal. >> nobody cheers for you at mile 25 of the marathon you need to cross the finish line but still things that could get your trip up so we are going to push through and try to finish strong >> chicago fire hit the practice
9:55 pm
field early today try to get out of the woods of the heat saturday night the most popular soccer club come to soldier field manchester united wayne rooney at the company pays a rare visit to chicago millions of fans across the globe at some of them will be wearing fire jerseys on saturday >> anytime you get to play a team like manchester united guys that we have finalized from growing up playing it is fantastic great for the group organization >> we are all excited to go into the match against one of the best teams in the world and it is definitely an excitement good for us we are going to be up for the game ready to come out and play a good match >> saturday night soldier field nolan ryan and a hospital for heart related issue but test so far are-and jim mcmahon injured in a limousine accident this
9:56 pm
evening should be okay. finally motorcycle nice way to cool off but wear a helmet keep our hands on the handlebars. going off of the hill the next thing you know mid-air, they charge you for a flight that lawn at the airport not all these survive the trip: bite back up, wrote off towards the sun set tough guy >> about 60-70 ft. >> he had his helmet on >> everybody should >> that you so much for watching updates on have a great night.
9:57 pm
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